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King Hussein Cancer Center ( KHCC ):

1- IBA ImRT Matrixx:

The MatriXX is the 2D solution for digital verification of absorbed dose vs. plan




2- IBA Blue Phantom:

Is the most advanced water phantom for commissioning and Linac QA. It is customizable to the required specifications to gain maximum efficiency and accuracy. Unique optional features like magnetostrictive sensor and integrated leveling mechanism help to significantly reduce set-up time



3- IBA Dosimetry System:

The DOSE 1 is a high performance reference class electrometer for measurements of absorbed dose. It combines superior accuracy with an excellent resolution in a wide dynamic range. The new measurement software allows the communication between the DOSE 1 and the PC via RS-232 interface




4- SI HDR Well Chamber:

The HDR 1000 Plus Well Chamber is an air-communicating chamber, so there is no inaccuracy due to an undetected gas leak as in a pressurized chamber. The HDR 1000 Plus is ideal for low dose rate and high dose rate brachytherapy. Source holders are available for most existing isotopes.


5- BM Plaque Therapy brachytherapy project

Providing KHCC with Iodine 125 radioactive seeds for the treatment of Children's Eye Cancer (Plaquetherapy)




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