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1- Techni G12 Spirit TEM

The stringent demands of life science and soft matter research require fit and adequate microscopy techniques for imaging and analysis. The Tecnai G² Spirit is designed to meet this purpose with a high level of performance. The microscope is offered in two, patented lens configurations: the BioTWIN for high contrast imaging or the TWIN for general high resolution purposes. The Spirit produces excellent 2D and 3D images with automated functionality featured in a seamless embedded manner.



2- XL30 ESEM

The Company's XL-series of SEMs, introduced in 1990, has a user-friendly Windows- based interface. The Company believes the XL-series
was the first SEM to implement this technology fully and its introduction allowed FEI business to strengthen its position in the SEM market. The XL-series has been further improved through advancements in specimen handling capabilities and improved image resolution to satisfy a greater and more demanding range of applications.




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