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1- EM208 TEM

Powerful, secure and reliable, and ensures that occasional and regular users can obtain the highest quality images without going through unnecessarily complicated procedures. In fact, once the system is set, your research session can be completed almost fully automatically. Using the newly composed and software-controlled user interface, it's now easier than ever to achieve the results you desire with simplicity and ease.
FEI's market-leading transmission electron microscopes (TEM) feature fully integrated and automated operation for a range of applications requiring ultra-high resolution to sub-Ångström levels.



2- MiniPAL

The PANalytical cost-effective MiniPal 2 benchtop EDXRF spectrometer is a valuable tool for stand-alone or satellite units. Especially in those conditions where sample throughput is low (typically 20 samples per day) and an adequate analysis is demanded. With its portability it is also a practical choice for sample pre-screening or as back-up to other main-line systems. MiniPal 2 makes elemental analysis easy.




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