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A natural outcome of all the above capabilities and resources will be the ability to advise hospital planners, engineering companies, contractors, in addition to hospitals themselves on the best course of action they need to take when tackling issues of establishing new hospitals, expanding existing hospitals, or renovating existing hospitals into better ones. In fact we are currently in the process of developing a comprehensive database that enables us to advise on issues like:

      1. Environmental conditions required within the hospital sections to account for better patient care;
      2. Supplies requirements for medical equipment within the healthcare environment; (Electrical supplies, water supplies, compressed-air, steam, drainage, air-conditioning, water-cooling, positive/negative pressure relationships, air filtration…)
      3. Equipment lists needed to furnish hospital departments or sections;
      4. Equipment specifications suggested to enable acquisition of medical equipment for hospitals;
      5. Hospitals, Departments, Rooms layout drawings to show the best possible deployment of equipment and furniture within the hospital;

And much more answers to many questions that riddle the mind of healthcare facilities designers.


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